Saturday, November 03, 2012

Day of Rest or an Excuse to be Lazy?

My husband is a sabbath keeper which means from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday he doesn't work. Not only does he not work, he also doesn't buy anything (so no grocery shopping), he doesn't run errands, and he usually doesn't do any chores whatsoever (though he might on occasion wash a few dishes). He complains because I still do things during the sabbath even though I do not believe what he does so it doesn't matter to me. It seems to matter horribly to him though and he takes grave offense to my doing ANYTHING on the sabbath at all.

It would be nice to have a day where I do nothing, a day where I can just sit around and not do housework, not cook or clean or take care of my kids. But five days a week my husband works and I'm homeschooling my six year old. Fridays are usually jam-packed with appointments and errands that I can't do on Saturday. And Saturday is when I get things done I can't get the rest of the week. There is no day of rest for me, there's no rest at all! I might get a break when I absolutely have to, when my body just screams at me to stop but if I don't use Saturdays to get things done (especially things that I can get done because the girls are out with their dad like organize their toys like I'm doing today), I fall horribly behind and I get more and more behind each day I take off. There is no rest for me and usually, that's pretty normal for moms but it gets frustrating at times.

I won't lie, it's nice to have a day to rest your body and to take some "time off" of the normal day to day stuff. But at the same time (especially when you add holy days in), it's a luxury that one can't always afford. I'm a mother to two girls who act like little hurricanes on a daily basis. Taking ONE day off can make the difference between a clean house and a house that needs to be declared a national disaster by the governor.

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