Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Don't Freak Out!

LOL I have added some posts from a blog I had started that I realized I didn't want to keep going with. SO, I imported them to this blog and the blog that I posted the past four posts on will be turned into a homeschooling blog. I realize that a few people who read my blog may be a tad offended by my coming out as an atheist. It wasn't a one day thing. It's something I've been struggling with for over half of my life. I know some will wonder how anyone can deny the existence of God. Well, that's hard to explain. It's not even something I can explain to my husband in a way he understands. But I will say this, it has lifted a burden I had felt for a long time. Again, it's hard to explain. All I can really say is that while I know of many who find religion to be a comfort, I never did. So, I hope that my beliefs won't change what people feel about me. I don't feel that it changes me at all. I'm the same person I've always been, though if anything I actually feel more optimistic about things than I did before. But my personal beliefs and values have not changed at all, they're just now more compatible with my belief system. That was one of the things I had struggled a lot with in the past, the fact that some of the things that were important to me, that I valued, were not valued by the religious beliefs of those around me. I felt I had to hide certain parts of myself from people in order to fit in, something I never felt right about.

Anyway, I hope that those of you who have been following me will continue to do so but if not, I can understand that too. Peace.

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